The Mompreneur Effect Foundation

The Mompreneur Effect Foundation is in the beginning stages of becoming an amazing resource for mothers who are wanting to work from home or start their own business. There are so many mothers who are looking for a way to support their family while working from home, wanting to create a business of their own, or looking to supplement their families income doing what they love.

The Mompreneur Effect wants to give you your chance to have your turn to see your dreams become a reality.

This non-profit will offer the following to mothers:

  • Training
  • Resources
  • Networking Events, Online and Offline
  • Grants and Scholarships towards their dreams
  • Opportunity to grow and develop your passions

As this Foundation grows from the idea stages and becomes a legal non-profit, the Social Online Conference will give 15% of each online pass to the foundation to help mothers fund their dreams online.

In addition to attending the Social Online Conference, you can also donate to this new foundation!


Goal: $2,000

Purpose: Offer 3 Scholarship and Create Website and Networks, Get Non-Profit Status

Current Amount Raised as of 10/1/2013: $350.50

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